My 18 Favorite Places for Coffee and Coworking in Paris

Are you are freelancer like me looking out for work spots to work from? Or are you habitual of traveling around the world and working remotely? If coffee is your favorite drink and Paris is the destination you are travelling to then I have accommodated the list of my 18 favorite places for coffee and coworking Paris. You can also brew such an amazong cofee at home with the best espresso machines such as keurig coffee makers.

My 18 Favorite Places for Coffee and Coworking in Paris


Here is the list of top rated coffee shops that are best for coworking in Paris. You will be overwhelmed with the peaceful environment of the place and most importantly the flavor of coffee will be loved by your taste buds.

Le Pavillon des Canaux

The coffee heaven with a beautiful décor, laid-back waiters, and the peaceful environment can be your first place to try. It is open from 10am to 10pm serving filtered coffee at 2€ and avocado toast at 9€ to enjoy with the coffee.


The place is owned by the nicest owner of coffee shops in the history. Enjoy sipping the cappuccino while sitting in the front of Arts ET Metiers Museum. You need to pay 5€ for an hour and 20€ for the day.

Numa Cowork

You will meet lots of cool people at Numa and will be served coffee at 1€. Here, you can find alike-minded and you may find a business partner here.

La Gaïté Lyrique 

This digital arts center is also an exhibition, restaurant, concert hall, library, and bar where you can bring your laptop and work for hours. It is free from 2pm to 8pm. The people here will generally talk more on journalism and 3D printing.

Café Lomi

It is splendid place where you will find people from all around the world. The pleasant working environment and the taste of coffee at 2€ will delight you.

Nuage Café

The interiors of this coffee shop are admired by most of the people coming here. You order you coffee online and get it served on your seat. You will be charged 4€ for an hour and 16€ for the day.

Anticafé Beaubourg

The students, architects, freelancers, and developers often visit this place and are served with unlimited snacks. You are charged 5€ for an hour and 17€ for a day.

Anticafé Louvre

It looks more similar to a living room. You can feel like home, but you may find the interiors better than your home. You will be served coffee on demand and it will cost you 5€ for an hour and 17€ for the day.

Blackburn Coffee

Enjoy sipping the tastiest coffee in the best street of Paris at just 2€. Meet several like-minded people at this place.

Le Laptop

It is the place where you can get your stuff done. The quiet environment will impress you. Though, the price for this will be 30€ for a day.

Strada Café

Enjoy the Australian-styled Cappuccinos here at just 2€ for a coffee. It is the true delight for Australians visiting here.

Le Café de la Presse

The place is little crazy at the night, but the environment is peaceful at the day time. I can easily spend a week at this place and I don’t think the chilled waiters will even notice me. Enjoy 2€ coffee here.

Coutume Instituuti

Feel like a Sorbonne student by staring out from the bay windows on Cluny ruins. Enjoy sipping the coffee at 3€.

Café Craft

You will love to work here at 4€ per hour and 17€ for a day. Moreover, the latte coffee, carrot cakes, focused crowd and the canal Saint Martin will be delightful.

Moncoeur Belleville

You will love to embrace the full view of Paris from top of Belleville and will thoroughly enjoy the coffee at 2€.

Le Barbouquin

Enjoy working from this wonderland. The coffee is served at 2€. Gingery Juices, matcha cakes, and tons of books add to its ambience.

Merci Café

The stylish crowd, bay windows, and endless bookshelves are the highlight of this place. You can sip a coffee at 2€ and can even shop at this place.

Le Bistrot de la Gaité

Here you find many people working on different projects. You will be served coffee at 2,5€.

Final Words

If you are looking for some of the best coworking places in Paris, where you can enjoy a great coffee then you must thank me for providing you the list of these 18 coffee shops which are coworking place too.

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