How To Make Eating Vegetables Fun For Your Child

Most of us remember that when we were younger, that we hated to eat our vegetables. Children today are no different. In fact, they may even be worse in this respect. While trying to get our children to eat their vegetable can give even the best of us migraines, it is not an impossible feat.

The key to making it happen is to inject a bit of fun into the process. This post will outline a few things that you can try to make it easier to get your children to eat their vegetables.

The first thing you want to do is to set an example for your child. How do you expect a child to eat a Brussels sprout if Mom or Dad point blank refuse to eat them as well?!

Unfortunately if you want your children to eat their veggies you’re going to have to take one for the team and eat the vegetables with them too. Children only eat what they are taught to eat and leading in this way will help immensely in the long run.

Another way you can help you child to eat their vegetables is to make eating them fun. Make a game out of it! Role play with broccoli such as in order to outrace a scary t-rex the child has to eat as many as they can in order to get away.

Children love games and it has been proven time and time again that creating games out of boring practices makes it more fun and children are more willing to do whatever it is.

Another creative way you can use to help your child to eat their vegetable is to have them involved with the cooking process. It has been proven that children will eat almost anything that they help to prepare. Not only will this help your child to eat their vegetables but it was also help to make the entire process a happy time for them.

While they help you to prepare the evening meal or lunch you can teach them about vegetables and explain why vegetables help them to become big and strong. While you do this also make sure to offer a variety of colors of vegetables. This will make their food colorful and bright and make it more interesting for them to eat.

Giving them a rainbow color scheme of vegetable will pique your child’s interest in the food and they will most likely eat it without complaint.

Yet another way to interest them in the eating process is to include them in the purchasing process. Take them shopping and let them choose – or at least think they are choosing – the foods that they will be eating. This method of letting them control parts of their life works in all parts of their life and is a great way to give them some responsibility at a young age.

One last thing that you can do to help your child eat vegetables is to reward them for eating them. Show them that when they eat their veggies that they get something in return. You don’t need to reward them with something expensive like a new PlayStation! You can use a sticker on a calendar method when they eat and at the end of the month get them a special toy or a day out.

As you can see we have covered many methods you can use to make eating vegetables fun for your child. As long as you make the process fun or have them involved in the cooking process you should have no trouble with your child eating vegetables and having them grow up big and strong in the future.

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