Best Foods To Introduce Your Baby To When Stopping Breastfeeding

Babies unfortunately grow up way too fast! As much as we hate it as parents, our little bundles of joy don’t stay cute and cuddly forever. The first couple of months is said to be the hardest of times with a new baby around, but it is also the time when babies seem to eat the most. They are like bottomless pits, eating every 2 or 3 hours.

Eventually the moment will come when you introduce your baby to solid foods. When that time comes you shouldn’t feed your baby just any kind of food. There are specific foods a parent should introduce their baby to when the time comes, especially if the baby will be slowly weaned off of breast milk.

The first type of “solid” food that every parent should (and most likely will) introduce their baby to is cereal. Infant cereal if one of the most popular infant food on the market as it is the easiest food for your baby to digest.

When you are first going to purchase this infant cereal make sure to stick with a single grain kind of cereal such as rice, oat or even barley. Make sure to stay clear of wheat for the time being as many babies and infants can be allergic to it.

Once you have the cereal you can easily mix a small amount of it into your infant’s formula or breast milk until it has the consistency of soup. By doing this your baby will feel fuller longer and thus will eat less often throughout the day and will probably not need a feeding during the night.

You should never mix the cereal with anything sweet such as bananas, juice or applesauce. The idea is that you never want to have your baby only wanting foods that are sweet with sugar. It’s best to not tempt them especially when they are first starting to eat solid foods. The key is to start them on a healthy diet right out of the gate.

The second type of solid food that you should introduce your baby to is both fruits and vegetables. Obviously both fruits and veggies are not only wholesome and filling for your baby but they are packed with nutritious vitamins and minerals. Fruits and vegetables are also the only types of food that are less likely to cause any food reactions.

These foods are much tougher to introduce to your baby because of their lack of a flavor that your baby will take to. If they don’t eat the food right away try again at every feeding and every day until they willingly eat it. When introducing your baby to these nutritious foods stick with milder colors such as light orange, light yellow and light green.

Remember the color of your babies stool will be affected by whatever they eat and you don’t want to have a scare if your baby suddenly has a bright blue poopy diaper.

Introducing your baby to solid foods is a much easier process than many people think, especially first time parents. The key is to start your baby on a healthy diet as soon as they start to eat solid foods and to give the right types of food that will be easily digested by their little tummies. Remember if your baby doesn’t take to the solid food right away, keep persevering. Most babies reject certain foods at some point, it’s normally just a matter of time before they improve and eat what you give them happily.

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